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Art Lessons


Adults, seniors and children of all ages and abilities enjoy art!

Painting, drawing, collage, card making, and needle felting are a few of the exciting lessons offered at Sunshine Art & Lessons.  Creating your own story boards, designing life size portraits and enjoying a variety of ‘how to’ techniques for the young budding artists happens here! In a calm and relaxing atmosphere where making art is EVERYTHING, the opportunities to work with charcoal, pastels, markers, pencils and other dry media are available. No experience is necessary. Pick and design what art projects YOU want to try. How about a painting on paper, canvas and YOUR OWN piece of furniture! 


Painting is a wonderful process of making strokes, lines and shapes, applying the primary colors to work and creating millions more, is all part of painting. We explore mixing and planning compositions and colors, and explore techniques of painting on paper, canvas, glass, clothing and even a piece of furniture!

Drawing is a good thing! Learning the foundations of drawing can lead to other creative art making projects. We enjoy a variety of ‘how to’ techniques and everyone feels like a budding artists. We offer a relaxed opportunity to learning and feeling creative while exploring the wonders and delights of art making. The opportunities to work with charcoal, pastels, markers, pencils and other dry media are offered. ​​ 

Collage, an assemblage of different forms, flat or raised, failed art paintings and ‘stuff’ otherwise discarded, is a creative process to making new art. Collage is often composed of numerous materials like paper, newsprint, photographs, ribbons or other 'attachable thingies!

 Needle felting is a craft that anyone can learn. It's a matter of having a  few needles, some foam, and wool in the form of roving or yarn. After that, you can pretty much embellish anything. 


Is your student working on an application and preparations for their entrance into an Advanced Art Program? Does their portfolio need assistance? We can cover questions on how to prepare the portfolio, as well as, provide opportunity to meet other art students in the program.



              *Subject Matters

              *Composition Review

              *Interview Tips

              *Portfolio Display

              *Private Lessons

              *Basic Drawing

              *Color Review

Sunshine Art for Seniors

Private Sessions

 Are you interested in private or small group art sessions at our studio or at a location of your choice?  Use the contact form below to contact us and let us know how we can get you started with your private classes.  Class content can be customized with options including sketching, drawing, painting, needle felting, collage and more.  Classes usually run for one hour.  You can  take the class with your child or include friends and neighbors.  Class location can be flexible - come to Sunshine Studio or have us come to you.  

 “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” 
― Thomas Merton, No Man Is an Island 

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