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Paint and Art Parties

 Sunshine Adult Paint Parties are customized for YOU and your group. We aim to accommodate your colors and materspiece needs while you are having a fun time creating, laughing and enjoying making your art or painted masterpiece! Here is how it works:

Your group brings the food and drinks when you come or we can set up at your home or office. We will have the studio tables ready for you!  What shall we paint? You can select from over 75 samples and we will always have ideas to make something seasonal, too. You can pick a painting for the group or offer a couple of YOUR own ideas. Send your own photos in advance to Do you need help with your artwork?Assistance is available from Shelley for EVERYONE as they enjoy painting their pictures! 

Look at the many options of paintings you can choose from for your party! The selection is continually changing and updating. Please email Sunshine for more choices.  Let's schedule your Art Party NOW!


Paint or participate for FREE

Collect a gathering of twelve participants or more and you can get yours FREE!

Sign up TODAY!

You will complete a piece of art unlike none other and you can hang it, gift it or give it away! 


How do we sign-up and what can we expect?

  1. Contact Shelley by email or call (804)382-2117 to reserve a date and time.
  2. A non-refundable​ $50.00 deposit holds your reservation and will be applied to your total balance.
  3. The fee per person is $35.00 for adult parties at Sunshine with a minimum of 6 participants.
  4. The fee for children's party, under eight years old, is 5 participants for $125.00 and $20.00 for each additional child.*
  5. The fee per person is $40.00 for parties in YOUR home or on location with a minimum of 8 participants.
  6. Upon arrival, tables will be ready for drinks and food that you bring. Wine glasses and water glasses will be provided for use.
  7. Time is allotted to mingle,  snack and browse before we begin. No experience is necessary.
  8. Located in the back of the shop, the studio will be prepared with easels for art. Snacks are welcome in the studio, too!
  9. Within 2 hours you will have developed a painting!  
  10. The party concludes with a group photo.
  11. Each person will depart with their own masterpiece.

Questions and Answers

  1.  Do I need to have any creative ability? No, beginners are welcomed!
  2.  How long does it take to finish? Sometimes 45 minutes and sometimes 1.30 hours.
  3. Can I change some of the colors? Yes, changing colors and making it 'your own' is awesome!
  4. Will you help me if I need assistance? I LOVE to spread a little Sunshine magic to help everyone on their paintings if they ask for it!
  5.  Can we bring our own snacks and drinks? Each party is different but that's a usually YES! Please check with the party host with whom you will attend.
  6. How do I start the painting?  It will be penciled in for you and instructions are given the entire time.
  7. What is the ages of your participant?  5 to 95 years young have enjoyed Sunshine parties.
  8. What do I wear? Anything comfortable that might get a bit of a spill on it, even though we will have an apron for you.
  9. Can I work from a picture on my phone? Yes and if you email a copy then it will be printed  for you, too.



Paint and Art Party Participant


($1.40 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


Beach House Art Getaway


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

A unique three day creative artist weekend with the oceanfront day and night! Plein air painting each day and mny creative activities throughout the getaway. Your $100 nonrefundable deposit will hold your room reservation which is  due February, 1, 2019.  Maximum group size is 10 ladies.

Saturdays Mixed Media Garden Paint Class $40 ea $200/6

Files coming soon.